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There are many programs that can be used to record Windows and Mac OS screens. Even Android running devices have some screen recorders that are readily available in the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, for iOS fanatics, there are no iOS screen recorders found in the App Store because Apple is very strict with screen recorders for whatever reason. However, do not be sad just yet! We have found some screen recorders that work well with any iOS device.

Five Screen Recorders for iPhone/iPad Users


QuickTime logoThe first app on our list is not a full-time recorder but a multi-media player with some screen recording capabilities. It is currently the default media player for all Mac OS devices, and it works pretty well. With this tool, users can play audio and video, create playlists, and add album covers.

This program is capable of recording the screen, webcam feeds, and your iPhone screen as well. There are no added applications or special tricks required to record your iOS device. All you need to do is to connect your iPhone or iPad into you Mac device via a lightning cable. Once connected, simply click the record and stop buttons to start and end the recording.

record iOS with QuickTime

Cost: Free.

Compatibility: Mac OS

Pros: Free of charge, no additional software required, no jailbreak required.

Cons: Works only on Mac computers, and a lightning cable is necessary to use the app.


screen recorder logo-icon-apowerrecThe next screen recorder for iOS is a reliable screen recorder called ApowerREC. This application has been meticulously designed to work with any iOS device. Unlike other screen recorders for iPhone, this tool does not require any jailbreaks and was not infused with ads that often annoy users. So with just few taps, you can record the screen activities along with system’s internal sound.

Aside from screen recording, this mobile application also supports adding front camera and audio into the video clip, which makes it a perfect tool for doing reviews or commentaries. To enable the recording, simply add “Screen Recording” fucntion to the list under Control Center as the image below, then, hard press the recording button from the control center panel and select ApowerREC to start the broadcasting. Meanwhile, you can also turn on the microphone if needed.

apowerrec-start recording

Cost: Free of charge.

Compatibility: Supports iOS, Android, Windows and Mac Operating System.

Pros: This iPhone recorder is easy to use, and is equipped with extra features which can help you to enhance your captured video clips. Plus, there’s no jailbreak needed.

Cons: There’s no option to configure the recording settings.


ScreenflowNext on our list is a screen recorder that is intended for Mac OS devices. Aside from recording Mac screens, this application has extended its boundary and has added an iOS screen recorder. Now you can record your Mac’s screen along with your iOS device screens using a single application. This app is also equipped with editing functions if you need to modify something after you record a clip.

To record your iPhone with ScreenFlow you must open it first. After that, connect your device to the program with the use of a USB cable. Once connected, click “New Recording” and under “Record Screen From” choose your device. Click the record to start the recording, and stop button to end it.

Screenflow settings

Cost: It costs $99 with other upgrade fees.

Compatibility: Mac OS only.

Pros: Provides clear recording and it has a built-in video editing function.

Cons: It’s expensive if you only need an iOS recorder and a lightning cable is necessary.


AirshouNext on our list is a free iPhone screen recorder called AirShou. It is a well-known third-party screen recorder available for iOS devices that requires direct installation. It is a screen recorder, no more no less, aside from the fact that you can share your screen recording, such as gameplay, on Shou.TV, a site that is similar to Twitch.

Perhaps the biggest drawback of this app is that it is not easy to install because it is not available in the App Store. In the past, you could download it directly from using your device’s browser. Now, however, you can download AirShou with the help of Tutu Helper, which allows you to install third-party apps without jailbreaking the iOS.

record iPhone using Airshou

Cost: Free

Compatibility: iOS devices

Pros: Record your screen anywhere you are, no jailbreak needed.

Cons: It takes much time and effort to install the app, and it must be installed directly onto your phone, which can be risky for an app that is not guaranteed by Apple.


VidyoLast but surely least is an app called Vidyo. This screen recorder was able to sneak into App Store for few days before Apple removed it due to a violation of Apple’s Terms and Conditions. Vidyo is a nice application just like AirShou, but it requires a different method of installation because it cannot be found in the App Store anymore.

To use the app, you need to download its IPA file first from the Internet. You will also need a Cydia Impactor, which will help you install the unsigned app on your iOS device. To install this recorder, open your computer and launch Cydia Impactor. After that, connect your iOS device to the computer and drag and drop the Vidyo IPA file into Cydia Impactor. A prompt will ask for your Apple ID and password. Key in the info needed, and the installation will start right away.

record with Vidyo

Cost: Free

Compatibility: iOS devices

Pros: It can be used to record your screen anytime and anywhere, and it is free.

Cons: Installing the app will take some time due to its confusing process, and installing an unsigned application might be risky.

Those are the top five iPhone and iPad screen recorders that you can use to achieve a better screen recording experience. Different screen recorders running on different platforms are provided so that you will have the chance to choose which iOS screen recorder fits your needs.

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