How to Record Webcam and Screen Simultaneously

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Sometimes recording your screen is not enough and you might want to capture your webcam feeds as well, take for instance when you are planning to have a video chat, add game tips into a gameplay, or do a sort of app review. However, not all screen recorders can record screen and webcam at the same time. In most of the cases either the webcam feeds lag or the screen recording tool crashes. Good thing here is that several screen recorders are still available which can do both. Without further ado, you can check them out in detail in this post.

Simple Guide to Record Screen & Webcam

For PC users, you can record webcam and screen activities using a web-based application called ShowMore. This screen recorder is capable of recording anything including audio that is being played on your computer. It supports most browsers so you can use it regardless of your installed browser.

When it comes to screen recording, this program can provide you with the most vivid recording that you can get without affecting any running programs. You can capture your screen or webcam individually, or record both feeds at the same time. After recording a clip, this tool has a built-in basic video editor which you can utilize to enhance the recorded clip. As for the file compatibility, this program offers numerous output formats that you can choose from, making it easy for the users to pick a format that they need without converting it later on.

ShowMore screen recorder

To record your screen along with webcam, here are the guided steps.

1. Set up the needed devices

Prior proceeding with the recording, you must first have an access to the internet and be sure that your webcam is working. Note that if you need to plug in a microphone, please insert it before you launch the recorder.

2. Launch the screen recorder

To use the program, simply go to the page of this webcam and screen recorder and once on the page click on “Start Recording” to launch the screen recorder. If it’s your first time to use the app, you need to install the online launcher to use the tool normally, which automatically updates itself and starts the program afterwards.

install launcher

3. Adjust the settings and start recording

When the tool is opened, simply adjust the recording frame along the area that you want to record and then click on the red record button to initiate the recording process.

change settings

4. Record screen and webcam simultaneously

While recording, you can add the webcam feeds by simply clicking the webcam icon located at the recording toolbar and choosing the name of the webcam that you are currently using.

record screen and webcam

5. Check and modify the recorded clip

To end the recording, click on the pause button and then click on the green checkmark icon and a sort of video editor will appear along with the preview of the recorded clip. From here you can cut, trim, copy, some portion of the clip and then click the “Save” icon located at the right left portion of the tool.

6. Saving the recorded file

In saving the recorded clip, you will be given numerous file formats to choose from. Just pick the one that fits your project, enter the file info needed and then click on “Save”. Another window will then appear giving you options to play the video, edit it, open the folder or copy the file path.

webcam and screen recording

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more advanced application that can be used offline and has more features aside from screen recording, then its Pro version is the one that you can definitely rely on. It is embedded with added features such as task scheduler, YouTube video uploader, built-in screen capture function, and much more. You can try out this program by hitting the download button below.


How to Record Your Face and Screen on Android

For mobile phone users, especially those that run on Android OS, having a face and screen recorder would be a great help. This will enable users to record any ongoing screen activities that they have, including gameplay, app tutorial, etc. In this case, you can utilize a mobile screen recorder for Android such as Apowersoft Screen Recorder.

record Android screen and face

By using this tool, you will be given the opportunity to record your screen along with your device’s camera feeds. Plus, this tool has an overlay icon that you can access anytime you want. You can also take a screenshot, show touches, and adjust the recording preferences. And most of all, it does not affect the program that you are running. To record screen with this tool here’s what you need to do.

  • Get and install this app by hitting the download button below.

  • Once installed, open the program and go to “Settings” to adjust the recording preferences, enable the overlay icon if you wish, and enable the camera recording as well.

    insert webcam

  • After the overlay icon appears on the screen, you can open anything that you want to record, such as your game.
  • To begin the recording process, just tap the overlay icon and then tap the camcorder’s icon.
  • Finally, tap the camcorder’s icon once again but this time press the stop button. Your recorded file will then be saved on the tool’s recording list.

Now you can record your screen activities easily by using the webcam and screen recorder shown above. While recording the webcam or front camera feeds, be sure that the camera is working well and it is put in the right angle for a better recording.

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